Poems and Fragments

Marxian Ivy
2 min readApr 28, 2022


The Camel, The Lion, and The Child

The Camel takes the burdens of existence on itself proudly,

Seeking solitude in the desert.

There it grows hungry and disdainful.

A Lion is born out of this hunger for No-saying.

Viciously attacking everything which taints the air with denial.

Out of this disgust for the world around it, it affirms itself.

It rushes into the rubble — which will build worlds — with uncertainty, letting the flow of chance consume it.

The birth of the Child.

The playful, affirmative roller of the dice.

It is the great creator, the lover of life and its painful indifference.

The Destruction of Unity through Evil

The killing of Christ injures the being of God (Bataille, On Nietzsche, )

I let go of good. I let go of reason (meaning). And under my feet, I open an abyss which my activity and my binding judgements once kept from me. (Bataille, On Nietzsche)

We offer up our father to be sacrificed. The stability of our own being is put in jeopardy.

It’s something truly evil.

Being is thrown into a constant movement.

A movement of melting away and reassembling.


A movement that allows creation to rise out of the world destroying itself.

A movement which is anything but static.

The melting itself melts into the reassembling and decomposition, every part of the movement indiscernible, appearing as a frenzy.

Essentially, a movement of change and becoming.

Becoming violates our being.

It vaporizes what we are, ripping away any semblance, building futures by overcoming the past.

We plunge into the movement, losing ourselves in the world.

We can’t escape to the kingdom of heaven, for we are only met with the guilt of our evil.

Loving the smell of life

It’s all melting!

Each moment more decomposed than the last

Don’t try to be anything right now — right now is already over!

Look ahead of you — see yourself in the future

Make a promise on your next action

Take a risk — the risk of death!

Quit putting yourself against the world

As a stain on the grand painting of existence

As a God sitting above everything horrible

Be part of the world — No!

Be many worlds

Live in contradiction

Dance and laugh with the smell of decay which blankets the world

The Grass

Grass consumes me

My barriers broken

I am everything



Marxian Ivy

Anarchist and Communist, affinity for schizoanalysis and ‘post-structuralism’