A Precarious World

Everyone is terrified. Loud sounds remind us of bombs and every price increase comes with the deep feeling of a looming crisis. It is as if we’ve situated ourselves on a balloon that will inevitably grow to its explosive limit. We are at the limit. We can all feel the economic infrastructure collapsing onto itself and crumbling beneath our feet. Deep down it’s clear that this cannot continue infinitely. It’s as absurd as trying to infinitely inflate a tire and expecting anything but for it to pop. Since the moment of accumulation’s elevation, we’ve been trying to repress the ultimate end; Catastrophe, Explosion, Nothing. The logic of society’s framework results in implosion.

The rumble of the ever-closer detonation has become the rhythm of the mind. The feeling of volcanic contraction lurks in the modern psyche. The anxiety is deeply ingrained within us. No matter economic development or regulation, the highest contradiction remains to be the driving force. Catastrophe is a function of modern capitalism; it cannot just be removed or moved passed, it is foundational. Situated in the midst of destruction, each rumble provokes dread as if the ground will open and devour us. Our subjectivities are constructed upon the precarious threat of falling into nothingness when production can no longer channel itself into growth.

As history ends, as the foundation filled with nothing collapses on itself, we move beyond man. He is the historical being, and communism is his ecstatic climax before falling right out of existence. Until then, he’s paranoid and degraded, increasingly stressed and aggressive.

On the Psychology of Extreme Military Aggression

It’s difficult not to get swept away by the massive waves of accelerated exchange and the social chaos produced by them. As a response, so many people- especially those of us incapable of tolerating the terror and dread and experiencing the most radical displacement-have clung to an identity, or an ‘in-group’ to find a sense of belonging and assert their existence in a painfully indifferent and chaotic world. Living hopelessly and aimlessly to the moment of finding this belonging, they are struck with great purpose and power for the first time, which in turn provoke paranoia to protect this purpose and aggression to exert this power.

They want all to be in accordance with their rigid homogeneity, destroying all difference to impose their identity as a unity. The destruction or assimilation of everything other becomes their purpose.


Anarchist and Communist, affinity for schizoanalysis and ‘post-structuralism’

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Marxian Ivy

Anarchist and Communist, affinity for schizoanalysis and ‘post-structuralism’