A Nietzschean Henology(?)

This is only a rough sketch and not the essay I want to write on this. This is a formulation of a possible henological theory of forces.

1) Reality is made up of forces (or will)

1a) Forces only have effects on other forces, and all forces can affect each other.

2) Forces have no essence, they produce illusory essences which are contingent on relations of forces, meaning they quickly evaporate as quick as they appear. Thus, it is a constant motion which constitutes reality, a groundless ground.

2a) Forces are conditioned only by their relations to other forces, no force can be isolated or contemplated as unconditioned.

3) There is no higher reality, Thus all is produced by forces.

3a) Anything transcendent, supposedly above the plane, is thus an illusion which really exists insofar as it has effects on the plane and enters relations of forces.

4) In the face of the eternal and unmoving being exposed as a product of the chaos it wishes to stop, it collapses into the plane of immanence. The eternal simply becomes a moment in the productive relations of forces which constitute reality.

5) Because forces are not externally grounded, conditioning themselves through their very movements and relations, and since these forces constitute reality, reality is constructed on the constant formation and deformation of a groundless ground. The plane of forces thus moves beyond an unconditioned condition of experience and towards a differential conception of the One.


Anarchist and Communist, affinity for schizoanalysis and ‘post-structuralism’

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Marxian Ivy

Anarchist and Communist, affinity for schizoanalysis and ‘post-structuralism’